LCCCC uses the HiMama app to provide digital daily reports for each child. At the end of the day, parents receive a report that details naps, meals, diaper changes or toileting, as well as pictures the teachers take and any special information they need to pass on to parents. The app also builds the child’s annual developmental portfolio automatically, saving the teachers time and enabling us to have an accurate snapshot of the child’s development in real time and over months and years. Parents download the app on their phone or computer free of charge, and other relatives can be added to the child’s account if needed.



In December of 2019, Lindenwood Child Care finished it’s multi-year renovation project, and all classrooms are now fully renovated and new. Our teachers and nighttime professional cleaning crew work hard to ensure that our classrooms are clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Come for a tour; we’d love to show you around!



Our families enjoy watching their little one play and explore their classroom throughout the day thanks to our webcam service, Watch Me Grow. For a monthly fee of $25, six adults in the family can have webcam access. LCCCC was one of the first child care centers in Memphis to offer webcam services to its families.